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Have you been tasked with organising a corporate event in a winter location but don’t know where to start? Do you have a number of corporate ski weekends to organise but simply don’t have the hours in the day? Our ski specialists are happy to work with you on a consultancy basis and assist you in organising winter events.

What Happens Next?

1. Discuss


We have a conversation to get a good understanding of your company profile, event objectives, venue requirements, budget and timeline

2. Research


CSS contact hotels & resorts which match your criteria and will negotiate the best rates for you

3. Proposal


We like to be clear and detailed, so will send you a proposal with minimum three options, including hotel & resort information, images & prices

4. Shortlist Meeting

Shortlist Meeting

We will discuss options together, it is important we find you the right solution for your winter event.

5. Confirm


Once you have decided where your corporate event will take place, we will confirm the conditions with the supplier and they will send the contract to you

6. Always Contactable

Always Contactable

Organising an event can be tricky so we are always contactable with any queries or advice

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