Corporate Ski Weekend, Baqueira Beret

The Brief

A Recruitment Consultancy had recently acquired another business so wanted to take their whole company away for a weekend in the mountains. The MD was almost as passionate about the benefit of corporate winter events as the CSS team, which made for some fun planning! It was important for the team to feel like they were being spoilt so, they also requested access to a spa for the non skiers as well as a convenient mixed ski ability area.


  • 35 pax, happy to share rooms
  • Value for money over popular ski resort
  • Three nights – Friday to Monday
  • Spa for non skiers
  • Some nightlife
  • Ideally no more than 2.5 hr transfer

We had an absolutely amazing time, thank you so much it was incredible! The hotel was superb,the nicest hotel we have stayed in. The rooms were great, nicely refurbished, leisure facilities were top notch and the food was incredible. Skiing was perfect, a large range of slopes. Corporate Ski Specialists, you have been absolutely fantastic and so patient with our ever changing requirements. Looking forward to next year.

Our Solution

A Friday to Monday rotation is extremely difficult for hotels to accommodate as it falls into two leisure weeks. The CSS team were able to offer the group the 4* Hotel Himalaia in Baqueira Beret, Spain, which had recently been renovated and had a lovely modern spa. Although in Spain the resort is accessed by Toulouse airport in France and the flight times are convenient and more affordable for ski weekends. Baqueira was perfect for this group, the resort is easy to navigate, convenient access to the lifts and their budget stretched to a 4* hotel so the attendee felt appreciated. This group loved Baqueira so much that for the last three years they have not wanted to consider any other option.